Why add private speech therapy ? Private therapy perks…and freebies

The guidelines for private therapy allow therapy to start right away- with no requirement for more severe delays …we can target areas to improve academic performance and confidence in speaking … your child’s full potential is the goal …don’t you agree? Therapy is covered by insurance and we provide a free practice app to each family !

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Kids are Technology Lovers !

We provide FREE set up assistance and practice APP a $150 value ! Kids love it ! To increase progress, this Speech practice is EPIC !

Why use technology for Practice?
Its a quick and easy “skill boost” and lots of fun !
For Reluctant talkers, reading help, speech progress, increasing use of words and vocabulary and even public speaking skills !
Private therapy guidelines allow for therapy to start right away to target skill areas that impact learning… to develop full potential. Technology is just one of the tools.

Perfect for Kids in speech therapy already and also for those who haven’t yet started… for increased skill and progress !

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*Lumina is your private therapy center. Your privacy is key : complete 1/1 session
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Proactive Parent : Ear infections… can cause intermittent hearing loss

Often overlooked…ear infections… can cause speech and learning problems!
Does your child have recurrent ear infections ?
Did you know that the ear infection often will cause hearing loss?
Recurrent ear infections will impact learning. These ear infections will impact speech development and reduce the number of words a child uses !
Follow up by an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist is essential and a Speech Therapist can find if speech and use of words has been delayed.
A speech therapist can perform a hearing screening in their office and screen for “on age level” use and understanding of speech sounds and words.
Speech therapy can help the child “catch up” on speech and use of words impacted by the ear infection and intermittent hearing loss.

At Lumina we feel it is important to share this information so that not even one child is experiencing an undetected hearing loss. The loss of hearing from repeated ear infection will impact learning if steps are not taken to address the hearing loss and its impact.

Contact us if you are concerned. We can perform a hearing screening, so you can take the guess work out of the equation and one of our SLPs can perform a screening to check that 1. your child is using correct speech sounds and number of words and 2. if your child hears and understands words.

Schedule a Hearing Screening Test and speech screening : Lumina Speech and Hearing Services 724-366-1166

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Parents tips — keep and USE that info from the web !

Common Core Language Arts
ADA common core language arts standards
As proactive parents, we seek info on the web ! We can often find such great information, but WHO has the time to read on the spot? However, when we are getting ready for a child’s IEP meeting we may want to look over some of the information about common core, about speech and about strategies! One example might be…the common core language arts link above Which is a great link to have for a child with communication and language goals…But as time has shown, when we browse the web, find something of interest and just close it and move on, of course we will be needing it one day !! And there we are racking our brains trying to recall…..”where did I see that?” So here is a quick tip ….take charge and tell yourself to just take a peek (limit yourself to 2 minutes-get a feel for the article and then save to your BOOKMARKS! This will save you HOURS because when you NEED it, it will be at your fingertips ! For help on this and other app and technology submit the form below. We offer “Tech Time Tips” for our kids and their families !

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For other help preparing for your child’s IEP meeting, reach out to your speech therapist. Your speech therapist specializes in writing individualized “strategies for learning”! Your speech therapist can help you consider the academic and communication progress that you want to see… and how they are related ! Your speech therapist can give you a “snapshot” of a goal ! The images above are examples of snapshots of a goals. By breaking goals down into steps –like a snapshot— you can give insight about what strategies will help your child to achieve each step of the goal. You’ll enter your child’s IEP meeting prepared to share your insight about your child and his/her communication goals that you can share with your child’s IEP team.
After all, no one knows your child like you do!

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Lets Go Swimming !!


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Online Speech Therapy ~ targets speech , language and new vocabulary and reading! We use an award winning platform that Kids LOVE !

Contact us today ! Research has shown that online speech therapy does get that much needed practice just as effectively as in person speech therapy ! The therapist is visible on the screen for the speech session ! The games are awesome and the kids truly love it !

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Summer Speech Fun

Butterfly Speech Time !
Welcoming our friends to summer sessions , sign language classes and story book sessions from Laurel Highlands School District , St. John The Evangelest School Uniontown, Pennsylvania Chestnut Ridge Christian Academy Carmichaels Area School District , Uniontown Public Library, Connellsville Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh,
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A few minutes a week to sharpen skills ! Building Brain Pathways !

Great teachers have known this forever. “… brain based learning is sort of the ultimate toolbox for helping kids learn. Learning new words, speech sounds, reading skills or how to write paragraphs, are all easier learned when using the tools of brain based learning ! It may seem like it but.. its not magic, its really just common sense. When we are really interested, and deeply engaged and lose ourselves in the learning it does something….. it activates neurons while the learning is taking place! So, yea guess that is kinda magical !

Turns out that”If you pair the learning with an experience …such as maybe pairing a “new phrase” with splashing a net into the water… then the learning will happen more quickly and “the new phrase” will be remembered more easily.”

…Put simply, the brain makes a larger imprint of the “new phrase” and a larger path to recall the “new phrase” when it is learned while experiencing something sensory or something that causes an emotional response ~ happy, excited, surprised ! So… there you have it! Using the arts, or a fun project or a song really does make learning happen….and it happens more efficiently!

This is not rocket science… as I said before, our great teachers have known this for years! But now we have imaging that shows us brain activity and we can actually document when neurons fire, when synapses are formed and when neural pathways are developing that will remember the learning !

Isn’t that amazing and wonderful! We have sound scientific evidence for inserting fun projects and the arts into EVERYTHING that we are learning !
Learn more about Lumina and how our speech therapists use the arts projects in speech sessions !

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[So many great learning experiences are available… just a few to check out… The Phoenix Arts Center , the State Theatre in Uniontown PA, Imagine Academy , Carnegie Library of Connellsville and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, California University of Pennsylvania , Penn State Fayette Campus , and a comfortable bus trip or drive can get you to these fabulous learning experiences ! Carnegie Science Center at carnegiesciencecenter.org , NYC Kids Tours at NYCkidstours.com or specific link http://www.nyckidstours.com/new_york_city_kids_tours.html, also Pittsburgh Children’s Museum pittsburghkids.org and don’t forget about the Pittsburgh Zoo. A little bit of planning and your experience -fun trip can be a real learning experience for your little ones. Locally, do not forget to join classes and skill booster sessions this summer at Phoenix Arts Center in Uniontown, and for kids that want to boost reading and their speech and use of words, contact Lumina Speech and Hearing Services 724-366-1166 Luminaspeech.com or email@LuminaSpeech.com]


Kelly was given a precious nick name by one of her adoring little girls in speech therapy… she looked at Kelly with a big smile and she said ” You’re just a good little speech girl


Hearing loss screening for children

Hospitals routinely perform hearing screening on infants in the first 24-48 hours after birth. If an infant fails the initial screening, he or she is usually scheduled for a second screening a few weeks later. However, sometimes infants who pass the hearing screening at birth may exhibit signs of hearing loss as they age. If you think your child is having difficulty hearing you, visit your pediatrician right away.

Beginning Sounds ~Phonemic Awareness is essential to reading ! That’s what we do in Speech !!

Research has shown that phonemic awareness is a truly essential building block for reading.
Phonemic awareness is the awareness of phonemes– parts of words or speech sounds combined when we speak to make a word. Though this is a simple idea sometimes, even with normal cognitive ability, phonemic awareness does not develop “automatically”. There are different reasons for this, such as slow processing speed, middle ear fluid or ear infections , or auditory processing difficulty to name a few. Many times this difficulty is a part of receptive language difficulties and can be screened for very quickly by a speech therapist. It is important to consult right away. You are the expert on your child. And if you are wondering about development of speech sounds, reading, verbal spoken or written skills then trust your instincts.

Welcome to Our Blog !

Hi. Thanks for reading our blog. Remember… We are the speech teachers…so we love it when you share and COMMENT !!

The sun and the moon and the stars have shone down on us… so we want to share. So here is this blog.

This blog is for those of us who love the learning process. Language is at the heart and self expression is the soul.
For those of us who love to encourage self expression and imagination through speaking, using words, writing , moving, acting, painting !

The Speech Teachers

Rhonda Malinsky-Rockwell is a veteran speech therapist having over 30 years experience in the school setting and 3 years at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, where she provided evaluations and therapy for speech, language and literacy and also served as a clinical instructor for  Pitt students of the Speech Pathology program.

Rhonda completed a masters degree in speech pathology and a masters degree in deaf education at California University of Pennsylvania and University of Pittsburgh. Rhonda holds her certificate of clinical competence from ASHA,  American Speech and Hearing Association and also her certification from CED, Council on Education of the Deaf.  Rhonda is  licensed  by the state of Pennsylvania in Speech Pathology  and also holds her  PA teaching certificate for speech therapy in the  schools . Rhonda is listed in the directory also of Apraxia Kids.   https://www.apraxia-kids.org/speech-pathologist-directory/


Through the years, Rhonda’s areas of expertise have become treating Children with Speech Sound Delays, Language Delay- Public speaking skills , Cochlear Implants, Hearing Aids, cleft palate ,auditory processing disorders , Social Language, and literacy and study skills difficulties such as dyslexia.

Rhonda is very proud to be with Lumina private therapy services and eager to tell of her experiences as a therapist at our local school districts and Children’s Hospital.  These experiences developed her desire to  contribute to the services available in our community as she explains ” Our area schools and early intervention services provide excellent speech therapy services, and our private speech therapy services at Lumina enhance that—by targeting skills and early starts many of which are not allowed for by the schools and early intervention guidelines …

You see, Private therapy is held to medical guidelines, and can begin therapy immediately with 1 or  2  sessions per week if necessary,  and can begin as soon as a mild disorder is identified.
Educational and early intervention guidelines require more severe difficulty in order to qualify a child to receive  speech services.  Those guidelines  often do not allow therapy to be provided  2 sessions per week .
This is why our area needs private therapy services.
Many children are in need of speech therapy to improve their speech or their language, listening or processing skills, but they may not qualify for  therapy under educational  or early intervention guidelines.”

Rhonda explained this  further, ” I saw this in my position at Children’s Hospital.  So many children did not qualify for speech therapy at their school or in early intervention but at Children’s Private therapy clinic we provided therapy to those  children… and they did benefit greatly!  We also saw children who would qualify in the schools for one speech therapy session per week, but in the  private setting  we were able to provide more frequent sessions ! What a boost for their speech progress ! That is why we are very proud to open our own little speech clinic right here in Uniontown !
We are here to consult at any time, just give us a call !  724-366-1166 !

Or submit the form below  our speech teacher profiles !

Kelly Trott has her bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Northern Arizona University.

Kelly completed her clinical fellowship year at UPMC Presbyterian and UPMC St. Margaret hospitals in Pittsburgh.
Kelly’s supervisors at UPMC credited her with initiative, quick ability to learn in a clinical setting and to establish meaningful goals and progress for her patients.

Following her internships and Clinical Fellowship Year, Kelly decided she wanted to establish a wide range of experience as a therapist and so she accepted a position as a traveling speech language pathologist !

Her travel assignments were in Texas, California, Oregon, and Alaska where she gained experience in a variety of settings including hospital acute care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, home health, early intervention, preschool, elementary and high school settings.

Kelly is a technology and “speech project” Fun-Inspired Speech Teacher ! She even has her OWN store on Teachers Pay Teachers

Kelly has recently moved back to the area and is excited to support her community through her career in speech language pathology.

At Lumina, Kelly brings multiple areas of expertise and enjoys making progress happen with her patients and their families.

Contact our speech teachers, Rhonda or Kelly by filling out and submitting the form below. We weill get back to you via email or phone as you request.


We are Lumina Speech and Hearing Services but we are “not just speech and hearing”

Our services are covered by private health insurance, often at no cost to the family.

We provide Speech Therapy which targets many skills that affect academics.  Our private speech therapy is provided under guidelines that differ from school or early intervention guidelines.  And that is why private therapy can begin right away, even if a child may not qualify for help at school or with early intervention.   Our private therapy guidelines do not require a more severe delay  in order to begin.  Many skills  which are building blocks of academic success are covered by speech therapy . Speech Therapy covers many areas.  in addition to speech sounds and use of words. We also  target listening , auditory and processing skills which impact academics and learning. 

Call us today for a screening to see if these areas  may be affecting your child’s academics . Even children who do receive speech services in other settings- and many who do not qualify for services in other settings-  may qualify for our private -insurance covered services.

You may also fill out and click submit on the form below. A member of our speech staff will contact you with a reply as you request via email or phone.