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The Speech Teachers

Rhonda Malinsky-Rockwell is a veteran speech therapist having over 30 years experience in the school setting and 3 years at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, where she provided evaluations and therapy for speech, language and literacy and also served as a clinical instructor for  Pitt students of the Speech Pathology program.

Rhonda completed a masters degree in speech pathology and a masters degree in deaf education at California University of Pennsylvania and University of Pittsburgh. Rhonda holds her certificate of clinical competence from ASHA,  American Speech and Hearing Association and also her certification from CED, Council on Education of the Deaf.  Rhonda is  licensed  by the state of Pennsylvania in Speech Pathology  and also holds her  PA teaching certificate for speech therapy in the  schools . Rhonda is listed in the directory also of Apraxia Kids.   https://www.apraxia-kids.org/speech-pathologist-directory/


Through the years, Rhonda’s areas of expertise have become treating Children with Speech Sound Delays, Language Delay- Public speaking skills , Cochlear Implants, Hearing Aids, cleft palate ,auditory processing disorders , Social Language, and literacy and study skills difficulties such as dyslexia.

Rhonda is very proud to be with Lumina private therapy services and eager to tell of her experiences as a therapist at our local school districts and Children’s Hospital.  These experiences developed her desire to  contribute to the services available in our community as she explains ” Our area schools and early intervention services provide excellent speech therapy services, and our private speech therapy services at Lumina enhance that—by targeting skills and early starts many of which are not allowed for by the schools and early intervention guidelines …

You see, Private therapy is held to medical guidelines, and can begin therapy immediately with 1 or  2  sessions per week if necessary,  and can begin as soon as a mild disorder is identified.
Educational and early intervention guidelines require more severe difficulty in order to qualify a child to receive  speech services.  Those guidelines  often do not allow therapy to be provided  2 sessions per week .
This is why our area needs private therapy services.
Many children are in need of speech therapy to improve their speech or their language, listening or processing skills, but they may not qualify for  therapy under educational  or early intervention guidelines.”

Rhonda explained this  further, ” I saw this in my position at Children’s Hospital.  So many children did not qualify for speech therapy at their school or in early intervention but at Children’s Private therapy clinic we provided therapy to those  children… and they did benefit greatly!  We also saw children who would qualify in the schools for one speech therapy session per week, but in the  private setting  we were able to provide more frequent sessions ! What a boost for their speech progress ! That is why we are very proud to open our own little speech clinic right here in Uniontown !
We are here to consult at any time, just give us a call !  724-366-1166 !

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Kelly Trott has her bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Northern Arizona University.

Kelly completed her clinical fellowship year at UPMC Presbyterian and UPMC St. Margaret hospitals in Pittsburgh.
Kelly’s supervisors at UPMC credited her with initiative, quick ability to learn in a clinical setting and to establish meaningful goals and progress for her patients.

Following her internships and Clinical Fellowship Year, Kelly decided she wanted to establish a wide range of experience as a therapist and so she accepted a position as a traveling speech language pathologist !

Her travel assignments were in Texas, California, Oregon, and Alaska where she gained experience in a variety of settings including hospital acute care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, home health, early intervention, preschool, elementary and high school settings.

Kelly is a technology and “speech project” Fun-Inspired Speech Teacher ! She even has her OWN store on Teachers Pay Teachers

Kelly has recently moved back to the area and is excited to support her community through her career in speech language pathology.

At Lumina, Kelly brings multiple areas of expertise and enjoys making progress happen with her patients and their families.

Contact our speech teachers, Rhonda or Kelly by filling out and submitting the form below. We weill get back to you via email or phone as you request.


We are Lumina Speech and Hearing Services but we are “not just speech and hearing”

Our services are covered by private health insurance, often at no cost to the family.

We provide Speech Therapy which targets many skills that affect academics.  Our private speech therapy is provided under guidelines that differ from school or early intervention guidelines.  And that is why private therapy can begin right away, even if a child may not qualify for help at school or with early intervention.   Our private therapy guidelines do not require a more severe delay  in order to begin.  Many skills  which are building blocks of academic success are covered by speech therapy . Speech Therapy covers many areas.  in addition to speech sounds and use of words. We also  target listening , auditory and processing skills which impact academics and learning. 

Call us today for a screening to see if these areas  may be affecting your child’s academics . Even children who do receive speech services in other settings- and many who do not qualify for services in other settings-  may qualify for our private -insurance covered services.

You may also fill out and click submit on the form below. A member of our speech staff will contact you with a reply as you request via email or phone.