Silly Sing and Play~ just a few fun ways to BUILD LANGUAGE and SPEECH at home !

Here are a few steps to build attention and a communication connection with your child.
Brain development happens when we use speaking and listening in a fun way throughout the day.
Many research studies have proven this, and they even have a name for it… “Motherese” is the term used to describe an innate way of speaking to babies that has been used for ages and is now proven to facilitate Baby’s brain development, language development and learning skills !
We know that..
Singing establishes even more connections in the brain for speaking and listening. And building more connections in the brain means that this new information can be recalled much more easily when Baby begins to recall something that we have done before.
This is a building block for learning !
How exciting to watch Baby learn !
So sing ! Sing a song….Any type of singing ! It doesnt even need to be a song! Just use a sing~song voice with every day words to go along with the things you are doing .
Be playful and happy as you use your sing-song voice!

Here are some other examples of “Motherese”—using words to narrate every day occurrences in a playful and happy way, and using a sing-song voice to capture Baby’s attention ! Again, this has all been shown by countless research studies to help build language and learning !
Here are a few more to try !

Draw out a long syllable—— I mean REALLY draw out a syllable…. like “u-u-u-u-u-u-u-p” as you slowly lift the baby or child up.
And then contrast that long drawn out vocalization by using a short-short syllable repetitively, in sharp staccato-like blurts……like “hop”—– “hop”—– “hop” as you actually hop with your baby or with your child each time you say “hop” .

After you complete a series of repetitions of a string of words and singing… See what happens when you just STOP ….take a long silent pause of 3-4 seconds, looking expectantly at Baby . Wait to see Baby anticipating that you will do it again ! Baby will likely begin moving arms and legs quickly, and begin to smile, and often “coo” those baby sounds they make when they are so excited about all of the fun !
TRY Playing with all kinds of words paired with objects and using many variations of voice, movement and facial expression…. share a mirror… looking in it together from the same side so that your Baby can imitate the movements of your mouth !
Hold a large colorful ball in front of you and your child… with your child on your lap and both hands on the ball…. lift it up above the ground, than lower it tap-tap-tapping the ball on the ground in front of you while you use another silly-song…..
“ Buh-buh-buh- bouncey ball,bouncey ball…Buh-buh-buh- bouncey ball !!!” I know it sounds silly, but trust me…babies love this !
Be silly, be dramatic!! Alternate the pitch of your voice ….up…. and down.

Mom and Dad OBSERVE:
What does your child do when you STOP singing… when you pause for 3-4 seconds ? Does your baby move hands and feet …waiting for you to start again?
Your baby is anticipating that you will start up again with the singing and the activity that he is enjoying so much !
And building anticipation is the beginning ofcommunication and a whole world of learning !

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