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  1. Miss Rhonda was instrumental in my sons speech. She made him very comfortable from the very first visit. She had a good understanding what Greyson was trying to say, acknowledging it and responding to him.

    Miss Rhonda worked on the speech sounds but made a priority of building correct sentences that my child can use every day in order to feel successful in “using their spoken words to communicate” She incorporated his iPad for sentence practice and assisted with his new iPad and LAMP “words for life.”

    She also referred us to various Doctors in order to find underlying causes that make speech difficult (ex possible tongue tie is often found by speech therapist and referred to ENT- and improves speech movements)

    Miss Rhonda always incorporated fun take home activities / little figures and cards so the child can talk about the things he was excited about in speech. She used letters, numbers, calendar, colors and shapes in speech in order to build language for a child to ” use words to express the concepts that he knows”

    My husband and I think the world of Miss Rhonda as well as my son – You will not be disappointed. We highly recommend her!

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